We only use the best

Our Key Suppliers

We only use suppliers that deliver quality products! Suppliers we are proud to be dealing with are listed below. For details on their quality products click on their logos below.

steel & tube Dimond
Metal Roofing Suppliers of quality profiled roof/cladding sheeting and associated product. Suppliers of On-site roll forming equipment for Clip fixed roofing solutions.
Ampelite Alsynite
Skylight Roofing Suppliers of Clear light profiled roof/cladding sheeting including Twin skin design solutions. Suppliers of Industrial Turbine Ventilation systems.
Thermakraft Tasman
Roofing Underlay Suppliers of roofing underlay Foils, Building Papers and BIB Insulation products
Roof Fixings Supplier of high quality roof screw fixings, washers, anchors and sealants
Paul Industries
Wire Netting Supplier of approved Safety Netting and other netting products
Rubber Roofing supplier of Butynol Membrane roofing products
Steel And Tube
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